It’s been so long, I know, and I’m always saying it. Thanks for sticking around, lovely followers! I’ve been working like a maniac, and it means there’s less and less time for sketching, but I’m still here! And I have lots of sketches on the way.

So the second sketch in the stripe series is of Zen Sevatsyanova shot by Catherine Servel for Harpers Bazaar UK. The whole shoot is super Mod, and of course I love it!

More soon.. promise!


Waaaaa guys, it’s been too long, I know! But I’ve been truly crazy (in so many ways). I quit my job, without a new job to go to (crazy, especially now!) and was madly making projects to apply for new jobs. But good news – I got a job! So now I can get cracking on the sketches again! Phew. Very happy indeed!

So I hope you like this one of Gracie Van Gastel  for Vision China – the original image is a favourite of mine, it’s a gorgeous shoot!


Thanks for sticking around, lovely followers! Hoping to be bringing more regular illustration-y goodness to you over the next few months!

Anyway, this week’s sketch is of the fabulous Caroline De Maigret, who I knew of from her book How to be Parisian, and the fact that she epitomises Parisian Chic. But I fell in love with her after listening to her chat with Isabel Marant and Garance Doré on the Pardon my French podcast (because, of course I listen to Garance’s podcast – you know all about my Garance crush by now, and if you don’t listen to it, then you should go and subscribe to it right now) (go on, I give you permission to stop reading and go look at your phone). She is really super cool, and of course, effortless, down to earth and completely stunning, which is why I wanted to draw her! I hope you like it – now go check her out (I would post a link, but there is so much, you’re much better off with a Google search!)

Did you know I post pics on Instagram as I get through the sketches? I’m going to start posting them for you here too – but follow me @the.completist to make sure you don’t miss them!



Alright, yes this is about a year too late, but better late than never, right? And never a bad time to sketch a beautiful Prada collection! I adored this one, the simple shapes with beautiful colours (guys, I think I’m starting to like colour…!) Check it out for yourself here.

Anyway, post regularity might be a bit slower over the next little while as I’m working on a few very exciting things. But follow my Instagram (the-completist) to keep an eye on all the work in progress pics!


Yep, nerd me has set myself another design project. This one has a bit of a 70’s influence, with quite feminine colours, prints and details, but in oversized menswear shapes. Pretty, but not too pretty, you know? Personally, I’m feeling like I want to break out of the endless androgynous/black all the time cycle, and I really love the silhouettes and aesthetic from the early 70’s. But anything too feminine and I feel like I’m an imposter, wearing kids clothes – I’d definitely wear feminine colours/prints in menswear influenced shapes though, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one! (Right?!)

So, here’s my inspiration, silhouette, colour and print boards. Sketches and final collection to come in the next few days.


  After my visit to the ShowStudio Veuve Clicquot Widow Series last year, I was super inspired to sketch something by one of my fashion heroes, Nick Knight. I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of ShowStudio pretty much since I started studying fashion, and the Power of Witches/Rei Kawakubo shoot is still one of my all time favourites. Nick Knight is just amazing, not least because he is one of the biggest supporters of up-and-coming talent. It’s harder and harder to stand out in this industry, so for someone so iconic to help people get noticed, is really amazing, and why he’s one of my most admired fashion people!

This sketch is of the also amazing Gemma Ward, for Vogue UK from September 2006.


  My latest watercolour sketch is of Jessica Sikosek photographed by the amazing, lovely, super talented Akila Berjaoui. I have a special soft spot for Akila, not only because she’s such a good photographer, but also because she saved the day at the very last minute and photographed my wedding after the my original photographer had cancelled (on the morning of the wedding – can you believe it?!)

Like I said, she’s amazing. Check out her work here (and of course, follow, if you’re a Tumblr junkie like me).