WELLBEING // 22.7.16

WELLBEING // 22.7.16
22nd July 2015 admin

Lovely followers (and occasional lurkers), I am very sorry it’s been so long in between posts! This week’s sketch took longer than usual – drawing hair like this is surprisingly time consuming! It’s inspired by a shot of the beautiful Karen Elson by Horst Diekgerdes for Another Magazine S/S 2004.


Anyway, part of the reason why sketching is a bit slower these days is because I’ve started looking after myself a little more (hello gym membership and achey muscles!) It’s been hard work, but I’m in a routine now with a good mix between yoga (helps my very painful lower back from too many years of poor posture and a core made almost exclusively of jelly), and HIIT workouts. One thing I cannot recommend enough is the site Fitness Blender – loads of really good (and easy to do at home) free (hello favourite word!) workouts, from a couple that are not at all cheesy or pretentious (like some of those online workout people can be). Plus, the workouts are music-free, so you can play your own. I’ve been at this since February, and I’ve managed to really make some progress – and I’m keeping it up, which is really hard! Have you got any tricks for sticking to health kicks?

Meanwhile, I feel like I have a lot of friends who have thorough beauty routines and visit beauticians regularly. I’m not one of those people! BUT, I am getting older (even though my skin isn’t just yet, thank goodness), and I guess I need to look after my skin a little better. What better time than when my sister-in-law has just opened a beauty clinic? Especially one that has a Moonlight Dust Facial on the menu! It’s in Primrose Hill, and it’s called Aesthetics Lab – you should definitely check it out (maybe you’ll try a magic facial before I manage to, the way my work schedule is going!) As soon as I go (August.. it will be August, I promise), I will report back (telling you it’s amazing, no doubt).

Would love to hear about any of your wellbeing/fitness routine and/or tips – let me know in the comments!

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