Thanks for sticking around, lovely followers! Hoping to be bringing more regular illustration-y goodness to you over the next few months!

Anyway, this week’s sketch is of the fabulous Caroline De Maigret, who I knew of from her book How to be Parisian, and the fact that she epitomises Parisian Chic. But I fell in love with her after listening to her chat with Isabel Marant and Garance DorĂ© on the Pardon my French podcast (because, of course I listen to Garance’s podcast – you know all about my Garance crush by now, and if you don’t listen to it, then you should go and subscribe to it right now) (go on, I give you permission to stop reading and go look at your phone). She is really super cool, and of course, effortless, down to earth and completely stunning, which is why I wanted to draw her! I hope you like it – now go check her out (I would post a link, but there is so much, you’re much better off with a Google search!)

Did you know I post pics on Instagram as I get through the sketches? I’m going to start posting them for you here too – but follow me @the.completist to make sure you don’t miss them!


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