I’m not going to lie – this post has been on our to-do list for about 3 months. The preamble which had lots of lovely words about supporting businesses in lockdown are a bit dated now, but the sentiment still stands! Even though things feel like they’re going back to normal, we all still need to support all the independent businesses we love. It’s been really hard for me to choose just 5 stores – without boundaries this might’ve been a list of all our stockists and why we love them (which might’ve been a small novel, honestly). I’m going to make it a regular thing to highlight the stores we love and why you should love them too – our first post is pretty local but don’t worry, with an ever-expanding stockist list, we’ll be featuring international stockists too.


MOXON LONDON @moxonlondonMoxon London Capra Pots

The team at MOXON do such a great job at discovering unique lifestyle and home style products. All the brands produce beautifully design-led gifts that you’ll be wanting for your house. It’s great to see a pair so passionate about design and finding cool brands that you don’t see everywhere. Keep your eye out on their website, as they’re going to be bringing the amazing Aussie brand Capra to the UK – ever since we saw their amazing resin terrazzo pots on a trip to the USA, we’ve been dying to buy all of their stuff. We’re obsessed and you will be too.











PRESENT + CORRECT @presentandcorrectPresent + Correct Eraser Sandwich

Okay, if you’re in any way into stationery, then Present + Correct is a no brainer. BUT. I could not have a list and not include them because it’s honestly the place I shop the most. Yes, they’re one of our stockists but I think at this point we could just settle our accounts with a product swap. Seriously, I challenge you to visit and not walk away with something. It’s impossible, I promise. Neal has impeccable taste and an amazing eye, which means the P+C instagram is also one of the best ones there are. Why are you still here? Why aren’t you shopping yet??











W.A. GREEN @w.a.greenlondonW.A. Green Pools

Sick of minimalism? Yeah, me too. If The Completist decorated a house, everything would come from W.A. Green. Zoe (who runs W.A. Green) is seriously the nicest person, and she has unbelievably cool taste too. She’s that person you see at trade shows who’s dressed amazingly, who you wish you could look like. If your home could do with more colour, then you need to click here.












LOVECRUMBS @hellolovecrumbsLovecrumbs Cruffins

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not all about London, so here we are taking you to sunny Edinburgh! The lovely folks at Lovecrumbs were one of our first stockists, and like everyone else on this list are just wonderful people (and cat lovers too). Amazing coffee and cakes, PLUS stationery and homewares makes this our number 1 place in Edinburgh. Not based there? Don’t worry! They’ve started shipping some of their really good cookies and ground coffee, plus a whole other bunch of goodies so you can get Lovecrumbs in your belly no matter where in the UK you are.














FORM @heyform Form Hull

Run by Joe + Alice, Form is a creative mecca. They stock loads of amazing UK based brands, as well as making their own products and design studio and running workshops too. What they’ve created is pretty amazing and I’m a bit jealous, to be honest! You people in Hull are very lucky to have them.