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It’s my favourite time of year.. that comes twice a year… you know what I mean… it’s fashion month! I don’t know about you, but I always have a list as long as my arm of blogs I check every day to keep up with it all. Thankfully I work in fashion so it’s totally acceptable to be looking at this stuff all day (okay, not all day, I actually do work). Fashion month reminds me why I work in the industry – I really, really love it. And, just putting it out there – I would love to illustrate some shows (give me a shout and get me out from behind my computer!)

Anyway, people around me know that I’m a fashion nerd, and so I quite often get asked for a list of my favourite fashion blogs. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know some of them already, but here’s a list of all of my favourite fashion Instagrams (including ones I have given love to already, and in no particular order) (and I’m linking Instagram rather than blogs because who really has time to look through blogs daily??) (anyway, people update their Instagrams more than anything, and there’s nothing better than having lots of updates to catch up on when you’re waiting for the bus… or in a boring meeting (just kidding, I would never do that…!)… or at the gym… in a lift… (especially when you want to avoid awkward conversation… oooh look at me I’m reading something so important on my phone)… anywhere really… in between ab circuits… okay maybe I check Instagram too much but shhh). Here they are:

5 Inch and Up – the sketch above is of the totally lovely Sandra Hagelstam, who is one of my sketch favourites because she has the best hair and wardrobe!

Park and Cube  – Shini is amazing – her blog isn’t just about fashion, she’s super down to earth and she’s a great writer too.

Garance Dore – okay… my girl crush on Garance and my lifelong dream to be part of her team is well documented… *sigh* Garance is amazing.

My Little Fashion Diary – Emelie is another Frenchwoman… what is it with Frenchwomen in New York that is so chic?

Harper and Harley – Sarah has my dream wardrobe (black, white, grey and navy? yep, perfection) and is completely gorgeous. And a fellow Aussie!

Chronicles of Her – Carmen is another Aussie (I’m not biased at all!) who has the perfect Instagram, and also blogs for Vogue Australia. Living the dream!

Travel Write Draw – Had to include a fellow illustrator (she is living my dream – illustrating fashion shows, among other things) and she’s super sweet and talented.

Giovanna Battaglia – I was working for a label a few years ago that had her as their show stylist, and she’s equally amazing in person. I love when people live up to your expectations in real life – Giovanna is super amazing and one of my favourites.

Yasmin Sewell – yet another Aussie, who is stunning and has a perfect wardrobe (that I would love to raid!) She’s amazing – if I had my own label, she’d be a muse for sure.

Are there any other blogs you love? Share them in the comments (I’m pretty sure as soon as I post this, I will remember about 17 other Instas I love and eventually need a part 2 post).

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