SWIFT PARROT DEJAN STOJANOVIC PANTONE SKETCHThis week’s sketch is definitely NOT fashion, but came to me as a special request from Henry of Team Swift Parrot. Seems a bit left-field, I know, but Henry is the social media savvy friend of my best friend Dejan (I say social media savvy, but I really mean social media involved, since Dejan shuns almost all forms of social media) (he also isn’t great on email either – so I’m hoping he gets to see this post somewhere in between all the Tasmanian tree climbing). Dejan (that’s Dr Dejan to you) is an ornithologist who studies and is working towards the conservation of the Swift Parrot, which is a highly endangered species in Tasmania – so this week’s sketch is for a good cause, and also a birthday surprise for my BFF (alright, I know your birthday isn’t until November, but I don’t really care for social conventions such as time when it comes to these things.)

I’m not going to write too much about the subject, since I know there will probably be quite a few sciency types reading this post, and I don’t want to sound like a complete Swift Parrot amateur (which I am). Best you just visit their Twitter here, and read all about it here¬†and here. If you’re like me and more concerned with the pretty pictures, there’s a pretty funny one of Dejan and a parrot here, or there’s an ABC news video about it here. Finally, if you want to donate to their cause, hit them up here.

In exciting The Completist news, to support their ongoing hard work, I’m donating a limited edition run of prints of this week’s sketch, which will be available through Team Swift Parrot. Watch this space, more details to follow when prints are ready.


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