Holidays 18.8.15

Holidays 18.8.15
18th August 2015 admin

Not too much to share this week! As you know, I’ve been working like crazy and have had limited time to draw. BUT, thanks to holidays, I’ve finally had time to finish this sketch! 

I kind of love her – she was loads of fun to draw too. And I’m already onto the next sketch! If you want some work in progress shots, as usual, check out my Instagram. Otherwise, I hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays!

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  1. mcentrowitz 4 years ago

    wow, beautiful sketch!

  2. Your amazing at drawing hair!!! I always struggle with my fashion drawing when it comes to drawing the heads.

    • The Completist 4 years ago

      Thank you! My only advice (which is what I’ve done) is to study other people who are really good at drawing hair and try to recreate that – people like Esra Roise are amazing at it, and it helped me sort out getting the hair right!

      • Thats great advice, i have jotted down her name and will do some research into hair. Going into my third year of uni doing fashion design and will need this 🙂 check out my blog and follow me through my whole last year of uni x

  3. The Completist 4 years ago

    Good luck! Researching others was how I got through – you will always have your spin on it and eventually develop your own style 🙂

  4. southindianmakeup 4 years ago

    This is stunning. You’re really talented 🙂

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